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What if many of us had it wrong in regards to the Honda CR-Z? We've griped about the CR-Z's poor mileage for a hybrid, voiced complaints that it's too slow to be considered sporty and have even heard critics deem it a flop before it reaches the buying public. But that criticism was all launched before Honda's tuning arm Mugen came into the picture

Honda has a loyal tuning crowd of buyers that sticks with the brand almost without question. These buyer are driven to search for the next great Honda product to adorn with aerodynamic add-ons, go-fast bits and interior dress-up items. That's why Honda's decision to offer Mugen parts for the CR-Z could pan out to be one great move. Mugen unveiled its accessories for the CR-Z awhile back, but Honda just announced that eight of its dealerships in the UK have been chosen as official Mugen suppliers. The announcement coincides with the UK rollout of the CR-Z. With support from Mugen, the CR-Z could quickly become one of the hottest hatches around, hearkening back to the days of one of the most memorable, best-selling Honda hatches of all time, the CRX.

[Source: Autocar]

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