Video: Fifth Gear takes a crack at the Honda CR-Z

Fifth Gear road tests the 2010 Honda CR-Z – click above to watch the video

So far in early drives of the new 2010 CR-Z hybrid coupe, Honda's latest has been getting decidedly mediocre to middling reviews. It's not really quick enough to be a proper sports car and not efficient enough to be considered a challenger to the Toyota Prius or even its sibling, the slow-selling Insight. In other words, it's a big bundle of compromises. And yet, a lot of reviewers have said that despite the CR-Z being slow and only modestly efficient, it's still fun-to-drive in its own way. In much the same manner, the kids at Fifth Gear have published their own video review of the CR-Z and they're actually rather fond of it, warts and all.

In the report, Fifth Gear considers the CR-Z's closest European competitor to be the Volkswagen Scirocco TDI, and the Honda comes in several thousand dollars cheaper. The UK testers preferred the interior of the Honda but were disappointed that the engine didn't have the rev-happy nature of most sporting Hondas. As in the Insight, the Eco mode really takes the edge of the steering and powertrain performance in the name of efficiency and is not recommended for those looking for some fun. Check out the video after the jump.

[Source: Fifth Gear via YouTube]

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