Honda CRX successor in the works?

Our brethren over at Winding Road have it on good authority that Honda is in the midst of developing a new CRX, based off the current Fit's platform. The decision to bring back the much-loved hatch was spurred on by vehicles like the MINI, whose size and sportiness has been attracting consumers of all stripes.

The demise of the CRX in 1991 was a blow to those who loved its small size and chuckability, but its descendent, the Del Sol (CRX in Japan), didn't garner much love from enthusiasts. Because of past fits and starts, Honda hasn't made a serious attempt at bringing back a suitable successor, however, a dedicated group of gearheads within the automaker may finally get a chance at returning the CRX to its former glory. Peter Nunn at Winding Road maintains that a "serious design proposal is underway" and that an internal decision is expected in the next few months.

[Source: Winding Road]

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