1951 Fargo pickup on eBay Motors – Click above for high-res image gallery

Never heard of Fargo? Don't feel too left out. This was the marque under which some Dodge trucks were sold in Canada up until 1972. Fargos and Dodges were nearly identical and could be found at Chrysler-Plymouth dealers throughout the country. These days, the Fargo name still exists – these trucks are produced along with DeSoto pickups in Turkey by Askam, with no remaining ties to Chrysler.

This special Fargo, however, made its way to the States and now sits on the auction block waiting for any classic car collector to bid. The bodywork is in pristine condition, and we can't help but fall in love with the grille up front. It's like nothing we've ever seen, and it's awesome. The truck is powered by its original 230 cubic inch six-cylinder engine, mated to a manual transmission. The interior looks to be in tip-top shape, and we're big fans of the red accents on the front bumper and bed sides, as well as the red painted bed and the beautiful period dashboard – our inner greaser is giddy.

Only two days remain on the eBay Motors auction, with the current bid at $24,770 as of this writing. Pony up $26,900 for the Buy It Now price, and this truck will be a welcome addition to any garage. Do yourself a favor and click through the gallery below to see dozens of images of the Fargo pickup.

[Source: eBay Motors, Allpar]

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