Video: Alan Mulally explains to Jason Calacanis why most people won't be driving electric cars soon

Mulally on EVs – Click above to watch video after the jump

For the past several days, the annual All Things Digital conference has been taking place near Los Angeles with an array of interesting speakers, including a couple of tech CEOs named Steve. The sole representative of the auto industry was Ford CEO Alan Mulally. During the Q&A session following Mulally's discussion with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher, Mahalo CEO (and friend of Autoblog) Jason Calacanis stepped up to ask when most Americans would be driving electric vehicles.

Mulally responded that widespread adoption would take considerable time as automakers deal with the big battery issues – cost, weight and durability – as well the charging infrastructure needed to support plug-in vehicles. Mulally pointed out that many people live in apartments or houses without a garage (neither of which apply to Calacanis) so having a suitable network of charging points is critical to making widespread adoption viable. On his twitter feed, Calacanis referred to Mulally's well-reasoned response as "lame." We have to disagree.

Unintentionally, Calacanis provided the best answer to his original question when he shrugged off a question from Mossberg asked him the sticker price of Calasanis' Tesla Roadster. Check out the video of the Mulally/Calacanis exchange along with our visit with Jason after the jump.

[Source: All Things Digital]

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