Teenagers in New Jersey feel even more singled out than their standard egocentrism engenders. New drivers in the state are required to purchase red decals for their license plates, letting other motorists and law enforcement know who's behind the wheel. Critics of the law say it also puts a big target on the car for anyone intending to do harm to young people. The stickers making easy prey for sex offenders is a big factor in the movement against the legislation.
While opponents of the law argue about the safety of teen motorists, supporters say they are also concerned for the well-being of youngsters. Backers of the law argue that bad actors can find teenagers in places like malls and parking lots as it is, and the law makes it possible for law enforcement to uphold the restrictions on younger drivers that are intended to keep them safe. According to The Wall Street Journal, many teens and parents are refusing to follow the law, opting to pay the $100 fine that may result if caught. Opposition has been gathering on Facebook and other social media outposts, and legislation to repeal the requirement has been introduced.

[Source: The Wall Street Journal – subs. req.]

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