2011 BMW X3 – Click above for image gallery

BMW has just dropped a few juicy details about the 2011 X3 on the web along with a few camo'd photos. With the addition of the X1 in European markets, the Bavarian automaker is looking to give its middle child a little extra interior space, so the 2011 X3 will be slightly wider and longer than the beasts currently prowling the Costco parking lot. Even so, weight has been slimmed by around 55 pounds and in a nod to ever-increasing fuel economy concerns, the automaker has also decided to switch the power steering on the X3 from pneumatic to electric to reduce drag on the engine.

Speaking of engines, there won't be any major surprises under the hood. UK buyers will be able to choose between a total of four engines – the standard fair available here in the land of the free plus two turbo-diesel mills. We wouldn't exactly hold our breath waiting for those to show up in our neck of the woods at launch.

Interestingly enough, Autocar reports that BMW is currently investigating a turbocharged four-cylinder variant as well as an AcitveHybrid flavor, though who knows if either of those are slated for U.S. consumption. Look for a full unveil at this year's Paris Motor Show.

[Source: Autocar]

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