Subaru letting owners show loyalty, hobbies with free badge program

Have you seen those Subaru commercials that feature mud-covered Outbacks? You know, the ones where they talk about the thick layer of terra firma as a badge of honor? Well, if you don't like your Subie to stay filthy for long, Subaru has another way to showcase your honor and brand loyalty. We're talking real badges, baby.

As shown at right, the main, circular badge tells the world how many Subarus you've owned, followed by your choice of over a dozen badges that show what sports or hobbies you engage in. As you can see in the main image above, merit badges include the 100,000 mile club, mechanical prowess, gardening, biking and winter sports. The badges have an adhesive backing so they can be easily affixed to any metal surface. And if you don't have a Subaru but think you can buy the badges because they look cool, think again. Proof of ownership via Vehicle Identification Number is required to score your free stick-on schwag. Head over to the Subaru Badge of Ownership site to peruse the options. Thanks for the tip, Keye!

[Source: Subaru]

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