As recently as two years ago Chrysler and Chery were more than cozy and working on Chinese-market products that would eventually make their way this way. Nothing ultimately came of it, but Chrysler hasn't given up on the Chinese dream. Or more accurately, Fiat hasn't given up on the Chinese dream on behalf of Chrysler.

Fiat, which has had its own setbacks in trying to find the right joint venture required to do business in China, is now working with Guangzhou Auto. It isn't clear how or even if Chrysler would immediately try again, since The Pentastar's "models were as popular as Chen Shui Bian towards the end of their tenure."

Another route would be for the Chrysler Group to let Jeep lead the charge, since the Jeep brand and small SUVs are a more welcome option for Chinese buyers. It is inevitable that Chrysler will keep trying to crack the world's largest auto market, and if we were presumptuous enough to suggest a way to do it, we'd only need two words: Dodge Hornet.

[Source: China Car Times]

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