We don't need to tell you why a leaky fuel tank can be a big hazard. Something about flammable liquid seeping out from underneath a car raises a huge red flag, and now the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating 33,000 2004 model year Chevrolet Corvettes over this very issue. According to The Detroit News, NHTSA has received 30 complaints from owners claiming that either liquid fuel or fuel vapor has been leaking from a tank.

Alan Adler, a spokesperson for GM, says that the automaker isn't aware of any injuries or accidents resulting from this problem. Furthermore, GM plans to fully cooperate with NHTSA on this investigation in order to promptly resolve the problem. In 12 of the 30 complaints filed with NHTSA, a fuel tank was replaced or identified as the source of the leak, and we assume that a quick recall will be in order to prevent further instances.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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