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Can electric vehicles effectively reduce stress and lead to a slower-pace lifestyle? That may sound like an advertisement for some sort of new lifestyle drug, but let's jump in a little deeper to understand this claim. Last week, Tesla chief executive officer Elon Musk spoke to journalists in Detroit, bringing up the brand's loyal following and other issues. Then, Detroiter Brian West rolled up in a Roadster.

West celebrated Earth Day with a road trip that took him to the outer limits of the vehicle's range (236 miles). With little juice left to get back home, West called up a local campground (a popular idea), which happened to have 15-amp service and WiFi, and pulled in for a stop. He sat down, enjoyed perusing the web for a few hours while taking in the scenery and once he was all charged up, he headed back home.

Now, many may see this as an inconvenience of owning an electric vehicle, being subjected to waiting for a long time while waiting for your vehicle to charge. But there is a different way to look at it. What if lengthy charging times are viewed as a time to kick back and relax? One could even imagine that West's adventure to the campground was akin to finding a gas station in the middle of a National Park. Would you really be in a hurry to fill-up then? Maybe the time it takes to charge an electric vehicle can turn out to be a good thing by giving us time to relax, relieve some stress and forget about the hustle and bustle of the real-world. Just a thought.

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