The other day, long-time plug-in vehicle advocate and overall voice for cleaner cars Chelsea Sexton published her first column on AutoblogGreen, and it brought together two ends of General Motors's electric vehicle story – the EV1 and the Chevrolet Volt. We've since updated that post with a video of the event from GM and noticed that GM posted a response to Chelsea's column as part of the company's outreach to former EV1 drivers and fans. As Chevrolet Volt communications guy Phil Colley wrote, "we know if [ex-EV1 drivers] enjoy the experience, chances are good that other EV enthusiasts will enjoy the experience as well."

The General has now invited Chelsea to be a part of a webchat that covers the Volt, the EV1, the "Who Killed the Electric Car?" movie and "what she thinks GM has learned from the whole experience." The discussion begins at 2 p.m. EDT today and you can participate or just read what happens after the jump.

[Source: GM]

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