V-Vehicle started with a strategy of secrecy and keeps on walking down the same path. A bit of corporate glad-handing brought the company's prototype vehicle to elected officials and DOE representatives in D.C. yesterday and, true to form, the event was off-limits to the general public (just like a similar event for Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and others in Louisiana last week). The car is making the rounds to boost the company's efforts to pull down a $320 million loan from the DOE's Advanced Technology Vehicle Program.

The limited details we've heard about the car remain the same: cost will be about $10,000-12,000 and it's supposed to get around 40 miles per gallon. All of the recent publicity for the vehicle and apparent positive reactions to the car, which reportedly looks like a cross between a Volkswagen Golf and a Dodge Neon, is giving U.S. Rep. Rodney Alexander (R-LA) hope that the DOE will support the loan request (when V-Vehicles resubmits one). "I'm even more optimistic now that I had been. It's much easier to understand the concept if you see it and drive it in person than seeing photos," he said. Of course, we have yet to see those photos, so we can't judge quite yet.

Last summer, V-Vehicles came out of stealth mode it had been in since 2006 with a somewhat vague plan to build "high-mileage" vehicles. We're still waiting for the first good pics of the vehicle to hit the internet, so keep your shutter fingers ready. V-Vehicles' next stop is in Detroit.

[Source: The News-Star]

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