Homebrewed BMW vinyl wrap – Click above for high-res image gallery

Let's say you want to go all Mad Max on your BMW 330i, but aren't quite ready to give your shiny paint that Krylon finish. No worries. As user djaemac over on E90 Post found out, wrapping your car in vinyl isn't as hard as the pros make it out to be. Over a week's worth of evenings, the guy set about covering his entire car in matte black vinyl using nothing but some application fluid, a felt squeegee, a heat gun, an X-Acto knife and a heaping helping of patience. The results look just as good as any of the pro wraps we've seen.

The best part is that djaemac managed to do the whole thing for a mere $120. Considering the thousands of dollars a shop will charge you for the same work, that's not a bad deal. While we aren't likely to go flat black on any of our personal cars, the writeup makes the thought of covering our front bumpers in clear protective vinyl all that more tempting. Hop over to E90 Post to see the full project for yourself.

[Source: E90 Post]

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