Video: BMW 1 Series M prototype makes an appearance at the 'Ring

BMW 1 Series M prototype on the 'Ring – Click above to watch the video after the break

The BMW 1 Series M is getting ever closer to production, and what appears to be a real production prototype has made its first appearance at the " Green Hell." The previously seen tacked-on rear fender flares of the previous mules have been discarded in favor of enhanced sheet metal. All of the metal from the side character line is covered in the standard-issue BMW swirly prototype wrap. Based on the new nose, this car has some serious air ingestion requirements as evidenced by the large openings below the bumper.

Within the wheels, the BMW engineers have wasted none of the available space, filling the fronts with as much brake hardware as could be squeezed in with only slightly less going into the back corners.

If the production car sounds like what we hear in the video after the jump, driving this 1 M/M1/135is/whatever will be a glorious audio experience. Tip of the hat to Luis!


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