Jaguar XK120M racing to the top – click above image to watch the video

First let us deal with the baffling part. Having grown up just miles from Agoura, California we can attest that, with the exception of Mike Cimo's Bar Mitzvah, nothing of any interest has ever happened there. Not during our lifetime at any rate. However, it turns out that back in the mid-1950s, Agoura was quite the place to be – assuming you're of the gearhead persuasion, of course.

Now for the wonderful part. In the following video, you will see an Austin-Healey 100, a Jaguar XK120 and a Ford Thunderbird all jamming their hardest to run up a dirt hill as fast as possible. More incredibly, there were 160 entrants and 2,000 spectators, so says the West Coast Sports Car Journal. Amazing figures for something as non-sanctioned as a hill climb.

Sadly, not included int the video is the winning Eliminator Model T that's now supposedly owned by none other than Brock Yates. Nor do we get to see the second place place car, a Cad-Allard J2X. This hill climb took place on February 6, 1955 and not only can't we imagine anyone running cars this pretty in the dirt, but anything 1/10th as joyous taking place in Agoura ever again. Make the jump to watch the video.

[Source: The Chicane]

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