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With European deliveries set to begin in just a couple of months, reports indicate that the Audi RS5 will, in the end, make it to the North American market, 444-horsepower V8 and all. But it could take a little while.

The first RS5s will begin arriving in customers' hands in Germany this coming June with a sticker price pegged at €65,300, representing a 32.4 percent price hike over the existing S5 coupe. Inside Line calculates that translates to about $88k by straight conversion, but applied to the U.S. market price for the S5, the 32.4% increase comes out closer to $69,500. Audi, however, doesn't anticipate selling many of the super-coupes Stateside, and is therefore planning on bringing every RS5 over fully equipped, with the sport differential, Dynamic Ride Control system and Boysen sport exhaust.

So equipped, sources peg the American price for a loaded RS5 at around $75,000. But Audi reportedly warns not to start counting the days just yet, as first North American deliveries likely won't begin before August or September 2011.

[Source: Inside Line]

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