Way back in 2005, General Motors decided it needed a small four-door sedan in order for Cadillac to compete in Europe. The end result? The Cadillac BLS. The car was little more than seriously restyled Saab 9-3 (itself an already aging model), and since most Europeans are neither blind nor ignorant, the car didn't fare well in a market loaded with goods from the likes of BMW and Mercedes-Benz. It was scrapped after a mere four years of production.

As usual, there's a little more to the story than that. According to Ny Teknik, GM stuck Saab with the cost of reworking the 9-3 into a Cadillac to the tune of around $140 million after the model tanked. The site quotes Jan-Åke Jonsson, the managing director of Saab, as saying that being out from under GM control will have its advantages. Yeah, we can see how he might feel that way. Top tip, Tom!

[Source: Ny Teknik via Saabs United]

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