European BMW 5 Series accessory catalog as scanned by – Click above for high-res image gallery

Leave it to a rabid BMW fansite like to scrape up the latest accessory catalog for the new F10 BMW 5 Series. While this one happens to be for the European market, and is in German, 5Post promises an English-language version when it's available. Click through to the gallery and you'll see some of the add-ons BMW offers for the latest iteration of its midsize sport sedan.

You'll see everything from luggage to bike racks, plus the usual assortment of wheels, interior trim bits, spoilers and taillight lenses (which are... unique, to say the least). Some of the wheel offerings are clearly new as well. So, if you're in the market for a 2011 BMW 5 Series and want a preview of how you can blow your bottom-line price at the dealership right into the stratosphere, hit the gallery.

  • The new BMW 5 Series Sedan, interior sketch (11/2009)
  • F10_2007_07_18_ 0002
  • The new BMW 5 Series Sedan, interior sketch (11/2009)

[Source: BMW via]

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