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By now, we have all grown accustomed to Aptera announcing setbacks in production, company difficulties and other hardships. But this latest development could truly indicate that the company is trying one last time to get things right and present the 2e to the world. According to Automotive News China, Aptera is currently seeking a China-based production partner to build the 2e.

If a production partner is found and a deal is inked, the Aptera 2e would be produced in China, sold in China and exported stateside. Aptera's newest possible path is best described by company chief executive officer Paul Wilbur, as quoted by Automotive News China:
We would build vehicles here and send them back to the U.S. For China we're really interested four doors as this would be a more mainstream vehicle.Our plan is to bring a four-door model out two years after we launch the two-door model. If we can find production partners we will have a much more rapid growth strategy for China and the rest of the world. I think it would be pretty easy to start production in China as most of our suppliers are here.
Aptera has declined to name any automakers that may be interested in becoming a production partner, but did state that talks are ongoing with three local Chinese automakers. On one hand, producing the vehicle in China could reduce its cost. On the other hand, buyers may react negatively to the U.S. based company's choice to produce overseas. We think the company could take quite a blow for this decision. Is this a last ditch effort for the company to overcome its countless problems? The saga continues...

*UPDATE: Aptera has clarified the situation.

[Source: China Car Times, Automotive News China – sub. req. via Aptera Forum]

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