We're still waiting for an official response from Aptera Motors on the ouster of top company members Steve Fambro, Chris Anthony and others, but Popular Mechanics has been able to get a bit more information about the "boardroom showdown" and it may not be as bad as first rumored.

First, it seems that Fambro has not left. Instead, he is making use of his saved vacation time. As head of the company's advanced concepts group, his job isn't directly tied to delivering Job One, and chief marketing officer Marques McCammon told PM that, "We needed to reduce our burn rate on anything not associated with getting a production vehicle out the door." Fambro remains on the board and will come back to the company next year after the final round of funding closes. He told PM that, "Some folks were let go, and since they hadn't seen me around – they put two and two together and made a fairly large and incorrect assumption." Fambro also made clear that the evolving design of Aptera's first vehicle is all for the best.

Anthony, for his part, was not asked to leave and is instead focusing on his other companies, Epic Boats and battery management systems company Flux Power. So, everyone cool now?

[Source: Popular Mechanics]

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