That's a rhetorical question – of course he's worth it. Put another way, imagine if Bill Ford were asked this question a few years ago: "Hey Bill, you can have Alan Mulally not only return Ford to profits that end in "billions," he'll raise the stock price, deal with the UAW, burnish Ford's public perception by avoiding bankruptcy, and start giving U.S. buyers the products they've been begging for. That will only cost you $18 million a year, just $1.4 million of it in cash. Or you and your shareholders can have... let's see... something that looks a lot like 'oblivion.' Take your time answering."

Alan Mulally didn't do it all by himself, but he was brought in to steer the ship and he appears to have done everything he was installed to do. Sure, $18 million is double the amount that General Motors' Ed Whitacre gets in total compensation, and a little more than double what GMAC CEO Michael Carpenter gets – but if you asked each of those two companies if they would double their CEO pay to be where Ford is, we have a feeling we know the answer already.

[Source: Detroit News]

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