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News – well, hints of news – from Aptera is coming out at a steady pace now that the company is getting ready for its big press conference next month. Last week, the company held an online town hall and discussed in vague ways its plans for the future. Green Car Reports brings us the the highlights:

The company is still waiting to hear about its updated Department of Energy's Advanced Vehicle Technology Manufacturing Program loan request. If this request is denied, Aptera will turn to the private sector to get the three-wheeled 2e built in San Diego County where up to 500 workers will be able to make up to 88 vehicles a day. Within a year of the first production model being built, Aptera plans to have stores open in five states and somewhere in the D.C. area. The company hopes to sell 500 vehicles in the first nine months.

Until we get what we really hope will be the full scoop next month, this will have to suffice. Somehow, it doesn't, but we're glad there's something to share.

[Source: Green Car Reports]

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