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Back in November, Aptera gave an extended leave to a significant portion of their workforce including many in high ranking positions. The move drew speculation and criticism of the company as well as future doubts. The three-wheeled Aptera 2e has been delayed due to funding issues and a full makeover during the prototyping stages which delayed release by more than a year and counting.

But things are moving forward. Next month, the company will hold a press conference to discuss its future. We'll hear production updates and get an introduction of a remodeled 2e that is production ready. The new 2e will include several changes over the previous prototype. Some of the modifications will include stiffer panels, larger windows that roll down, improvements to aerodynamics and a myriad of other small tweaks.

The conference, scheduled for mid-April at the company headquarters in California, will focus on financial concerns. Aptera is expected to announce information regarding their current financial situation including an announcement of new private funding and an update on its federal loan status.

Delays in launching the 2e have led many to believe that the company cannot deliver on its promise but the waiting list is still long and many eager buyers still remain committed. We look forward to learning more about a month from now.

[Source: Aptera, Green Car Advisor]


What: Aptera Media Briefing. The all-electric Aptera 2e, which gets the equivalent of more than 200 mpg, continues its march to the marketplace.

When: Wednesday, April 14

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