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Coach Sergio Marchionne has asked his temperamental star player, Alfa Romeo, to raise its game. Working to help that happen, the coach hasn't stopped tinkering with the gameplan, trying to get Alfa out of another quasi-bust sales cycle. It's been said the Giulietta has will "reinstate the marque's reputation for fine handling and performance," and if it does, a properly handling sports car accessible by the masses ought to help restore Alfa's reputation and coffers.

The Giulietta given the task is one implanted with a the 1.75-liter, turbocharged TBi engine with Multiair. However, that engine currently makes 200 horsepower in the Alfa 159, but for the Giulietta application, Autocar is reporting that it will be additionally boosted to 235 horsepower. Getting that power down in a front-wheel-drive car is likely to be a trick, so plans reportedly call for the Alfao to be aided by a new electronic differential and active dampers, as well as a dual-clutch transmission.

Will all of this make a car that can truly challenge the Volkswagen Golf/GTI – or the Ford Focus family? Fiat claims the current hatch already bests those other two, not that that matters – Alfa has to actually make this spicier variant and let the customers decide which one has the chops. We will gladly admit that right now, though, it at least looks good on paper.

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[Source: Autocar]

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