Alfa Romeo says it achieved its objectives with the stunning 8C Competizione. Now the brand known for the quadrifoglio wants to make the same kind of splash – only bigger – and rumor has it that it will do so by unveiling an Alfa 4C at this year's Pebble Beach Concours.
Automobile reports that the 4C will be a "a compact, lightweight sports car concept," shorn of high-zoot and high-dollar goods like carbon fiber and a Ferrari engine. Instead, it will use a 250-horsepower four-cylinder and could be rear-wheel-drive. Price for the limited-to-5,000 vehicles is being estimated at €50,000 ($70,000 U.S.).

However, while the 8C was busy killin' it, the rest of the Alfa line has been busy struggling. Sales haven't exactly pleased parent company Fiat, so the fate of Alfa's (and, by extension, the the 4C) oft-planned return trip to North America is still in question. Unless and until the Giulietta and its variants prove they are winners and show Fiat the money, it looks like the message for the American Alfa will remain, "Please hold..."

[Source: Automobile]

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