Aborted plans for trio of new MG sportscar unearthed in new report

MG Project X120 – Click above for image gallery

As recently as five years ago, iconic British marque MG was in the midst of developing three – count 'em, three – new sportscars, according to various reports. Unfortunately, as MG Rover ran out of capital and was sold off to Chinese investors, the plans never saw the light of day. But that won't stop us from wondering what could have been.

The plan – known internally as Project X120 – included a replacement for the aging TF model, a successor to the diminutive Midget, and an up-market sportscar to take on the likes of the Porsche Cayman. The project, however, reportedly got itself into trouble when engineers realized that their plans revolved around using the TF's chassis, among whose shortcomings included a cramped cockpit with an awkward driving position. The injection of an extra £2 million to the £50 million overall budget could have afforded the program a new all-aluminum tub, but they just didn't have the cash.

The real kicker, from an American perspective at least, was that the business case for developing the new line of MGs necessitated the return to the North American market to pursue new potential buyers. And that's where we begin to weep and lament the MGs that could have been.

[Source: Auto Express and Austin Rover Online]

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