Fiat heir Lapo Elkann makes the Lakers' game-winning move – Click above to watch video after the jump

Lapo Elkann is the grandson of Fiat founder Gianni Agnelli and is said to be heir to several Fiat thrones. While courtside at the Staples Center in Los Angeles watching the Lakers play the Toronto Raptors, Yahoo Sports reports that Elkann interfered in a play that gave LA the win.

With the score tied and only seconds left, the Raptors' Jose Calderon (pictured) was chasing a ball headed out of bounds when Elkann swiped it away. The Lakers were given possession and Kobe Bryant did his game-winning thing. You can see a recap of the event in the video after the jump, and for you rightfully sore Raptors fans, Elkann later apologized. Thanks for the tip, Jeffrey!

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