Fixing the Great Mistake – Click above to watch video after the jump

Cities around the world are engaged in quests to reimagine how to best serve the mobility needs of their citizens. Whether it's Segway-ish vehicles like General Motors' PUMA or bike sharing, going car-free or thinking about electric buses that get power from the road itself, there are more options now than ever before. One thing that most of these ideas have in common is reducing the emphasis on the automobile as the primary means of transportation for people in urban areas.

Throughout recent history, city planners have needed to choose ways to offer residents the mobility options that best serve them. And, more often than not, planners opted to give precedence to the car. In the latest episode of the new Streetfilms series called "Fixing the Great Mistake," Transportation Alternatives director Paul Steely White discusses how New York became so car-centric (and exported the idea) and shows ways that the city is trying to turn back the clock with events like Summer Streets. Putting people, not cars, into streets is actually a pretty good idea. Check it out after the jump. Well worth four minutes.

[Source: Streetfilms via Treehugger]

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