Well, it sure looks like it. All credit for this one goes to one Aaron P., who emailed the following to us:
So I was walking down Grand Avenue in Downtown LA, and they were shooting a Caddy commercial. There was a covered car, which I thought was the CTS Coupe, but the wind blew off the cover and there was a CTS-V Wagon. I only had time to snag this pic before they put the cover back on but you can see the wagon lines. I hope that means its coming cause that would be an amazing car.
Hmm. Seems like Aaron got awfully close for this pic, a curiously *perfect* upskirt teaser, but regardless of the circumstances behind it, reports of the Cadillac CTS-V Wagon being given the green light date back to September of last year. It's basically been a guessing game of which show will provide the backdrop for its formal unveiling.

With New York the sole remaining major show on the U.S. circuit this year, and Bob Lutz's retirement scheduled to begin exactly one month after that, we'll bet our whole chip stack that El Generalissimo Roberto Maximo goes out with a bang, introducing the CTS-V Sport Wagon at the Javits Center, because the car in the above photo is most definitely a wagon, that is most definitely the "V" badge, and those are the correct wheels. Very badass, indeed.

Thanks to Aaron for the photo!

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