What's the world coming to when two of Italy's most storied supercar manufacturers – we're talking Ferrari and Lamborghini here, in case you couldn't tell – are planning to launch hybrid automobiles? Well, actually that'd be three of Italy's most storied automakers, now that rumors of just such a Maserati are making the rounds on the Interwebs.

We'd agree with the boys at Inside Line when they suggest that Maserati will likely borrow hybrid technology from fellow Fiat-owned Ferrari, especially since the two business units already share a number of drivetrain components. If that's the case, the three-pointed Trident brand could potentially get a version of the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS for short) that Ferrari showed off on its 599 HY-KERS earlier this week at the Geneva Motor Show.

Word has it that Maserati is also joining Ferrari in its quest to shed a few unwanted pounds on its automobiles, which will have dual benefits for both brands – namely, improvements in both performance and fuel efficiency. Now there's a win-win scenario if we've ever heard one.

[Source: Inside Line]

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