For those of you who can't wait for a factory-built electric vehicle, and can't swing the cash for a Tesla Roadster, a seller on eBay is offering up a recently converted 2001 Chrysler Sebring. This is the previous-generation Sebring, before the design went from plain to hideous.

As this is written, there are still five day left to bid on this Sebring and the price tag is at $4,276. While this may seem like quite a deal, potential bidders might want to read the whole description before proceeding. The car was converted by ATC of Texas just a few months ago. The current owner has only put 100 miles on the car and blames tough economic times for selling. We can't help but suspect a bit of buyer's remorse as well.

The engine compartment and trunk are stuffed with 24 6-volt flooded lead acid batteries. That is enough to yield about 20-30 miles of realistic range. You can apparently push it 45 miles in some circumstances, but that's not recommended since it shortens the battery life. No trunk space is left and the back end of the car rides pretty low as a result of all that weight. Since it looks like the suspension has not been upgraded to cope with the mass, this thing will probably ride pretty rough. Also, you'll probably want to charge it outdoors since the batteries give off hydrogen gas as they are being stuffed with electrons. If all of those warnings haven't already made you turn away, you can check out the auction here. Thanks to Joe for the tip!

[Source: eBay]

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