Tesla Motors co-founder Martin Eberhard took delivery of his Founders' Series Tesla Roadster in the summer of 2008. Apparently, a 16-year-old without a driver's license (and who might be an illegal resident) recently crashed into Eberhard's electric vehicle and ended the fun drives, at least for a while. Eberhard himself is fine – he said the accident was "No big story really" and the teenage driver was taken from the scene in handcuffs. Here's how Eberhard described it at the Tesla Motors Club:
I was driving home from work in the rain and the dark, going up highway 84. I was maybe 4th in a line of 5 cars, going about 15 mph. The next thing I knew, my glasses flew off my face and the car spun around and off the road from an impact just behind the drivers door. Luckily I ended up on a driveway.
It turns out that a guy in a 16-year old Wrangler braked going into a turn as he was coming down the hill, and completely lost traction. He crossed the lane right into the side of my car. I actually don't think he was going very fast - he just had crap tires. ..
The real hero of the evening was the guy who had been following me. He was following at a good enough distance that I missed him when I spun around backwards. He stopped to help me, let me sit in his car, lent me an umbrella while the sheriff did her duty, provided witness testimony as to my speed and what happened, and ultimately gave me a ride home. Thanks Shawn! The world needs more people like you
Eberhard said he thinks the car can be repaired, but there is a lot to fix, including the "Founders Series" labels. Thanks to Nick P. for the tip!

[Source: Tesla Motors Club via Gimme Gimme My EV]

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