According to Auto Motor und Sport, BMW will add two new small cars to slot below the current 1 Series by 2014. One of those vehicles has already been publicly confirmed by the automaker, the Megacity, an urban commuter BMW is developing as a dedicated electric car. The powertrain technology will be an evolution of what was shown a few weeks ago in the ActiveE concept at the Detroit Auto Show.
The other vehicle is more speculative at this point, but will likely be powered by an internal combustion engine and is reportedly intended to compete with the new Audi A1 in the premium B segment. This car will probably use a range of new three cylinder engines and may even get a hybrid version. The platform is still up in the air, but BMW is reportedly developing a small front-wheel drive platform in-house or opt to purchase an existing platform from another company if the development proves too expensive.

[Source: Auto Motor und Sport]

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