Cadillac shoppers wanting the CTS Sport Wagon basically expect a little bit more car for a little bit more money than a CTS. But when they got to the showroom and saw the bigger SRX crossover cost $6,000 less, the Sport Wagon fell off the charts. So Cadillac has dropped the price of the Sport Wagon by about $1,300 in a bid to give the CTS hauler more of a chance on the sales floor.

Now the CTS Sport Wagon starts at $38,265, while the SRX is $33,330. Before the price drop, the wagon was above the $40K mark, which added that psychological barrier to the sheer dollar amount. Load up either an SRX or a CTS wagon and you'll end up around $50K.

Now, is that initial $5,000 difference still too big, or is it close enough now to keep people's eyes on the Sport Wagon prize. Car shoppers have embraced crossovers in general. As such, even with the price changes, the SRX probably doesn't need to sweat having sales poached by the CTS Sport Wagon. The former has mainstream appeal, and the latter remains a niche product.

[Source: USA Today]

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