BREAKING: Fire breaks out at Cobo, Detroit Auto Show evacuated

Instant gratification can be an amazing thing, a fact evidenced once again by the always-on-top-of-things nature of Twitter. Apparently, Detroit Auto Show attendees were evacuated from Cobo Hall a short time ago after a reported electrical fire broke out at the Audi exhibit. Says the official NAIAS Twitter feed:
There was a small electrical fire inside Cobo. The fire is out and everything is under control... The building was cleared as a precautionary measure. The show will reopen in a couple hours.
Reports are unclear as to how the fire actually started, with some witnesses seeing sparks and others reporting flames as high as the ceiling with pieces of display falling down. Regardless, it's clear that thick smoke currently fills Cobo Hall and police, firefighters and other emergency personnel are on the scene.

Showgoers can get their hands stamped in order to get a voucher to come back another day, or wait until 5PM when the doors are currently scheduled to reopen. More info as we get it. Click here for a few photos posted on Twitter. Thanks for the tip, Chris!

[Source: Twitter]

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