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Are you one of those people who believes that, when it comes to developing an electric vehicle, you could out-think Th!nk, have keener karma than Fisker or more focus than Ford's EV effort? Perhaps you're just tired of waiting for a product that keeps getting re-designed and re-delayed. Well, now you can build your own damn vision of automotive perfection starting with the new lithium-powered all-wheel-drive platform from Trexa. Heck, given the scalable nature of this substructure, you can develop a whole range of vehicles! The team that brought us the EDrive plug-in Prius has taken that whole skateboard thing, combined it with the iPhone app concept and voila!, a blank mobile canvas awaiting your imagination.

Built with carbon steel tubing, aluminum and fiber-reinforced thermoplastics, the modular Trexa platform can contain enough lithium iron phosphate battery modules to carry you 105 miles with dual motors capable of reaching 60 miles per hour in eight seconds. Top speed is a claimed 100 mph. It has impact-absorbing front, rear and side safety structures to help protect you whether you have it outfitted as a city commuter or have it adorned for the weekend with a pickup truck app. There is a 6 kW charger built-in that allows it to go from flat to full in four hours but they also allow access to the main power bus so you could plug into a more powerful off-board rapid charger or, if you want to get fancy, attach a range-extender.

We should see an actual prototype of the platform sometime later this year and suspect some equally-ingenuitive start-ups are already planning world vehicular domination via the concept. If you want to keep close tabs on developments yourself, they're already Twitterfied, Facebooked and have a pretty cool website. Feel free to peruse the gallery below and tell us what you would like to drive.

[Source: Trexa via Inhabitat]

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