Time keeps on slippin' into the future, and cars keep on gettin' bigger. The Volkswagen New Beetle was shown at the LA Auto Show in various Final Edition guises, and the second word on the next edition is that it will be built on the Jetta platform. The first word was that Volkswagen wants the bubbleback's next design to be more masculine, which probably means – and this is just a guess – you can kiss that flower vase goodbye.

All of this rumormongering comes out of the UK's Autocar magazine, who opine that an increase in size would also help up the masculinity factor and make for more room in that Leprechaun-sized back seat. The current Jetta's wheelbase is 101.5 inches, whereas the New Beetle measures up at 98.80 inches. Those 2.7 inches don't sound like a lot of extra room to play with – especially when considering the New Beetle's rainbow canopy – but with some imaginative design and innovative packaging, a noticeable improvement doesn't seem out of reach.

[Source: Autocar]

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