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VW Beetle is not dead yet

It looks like VW will keep the Beetle on the U.S. market for now

Far be it from us to compare the Volkswagen Beetle to any old bug, but despite the company's attempts to stomp on it for good, it might still have life left in it. USA Today is reporting that the current, 2011-introduced generation

Fender teams up with Panasonic for Volkswagen audio systems

Ask a car guy what a fender is and he'll point to the front corners of a car. A musician, meanwhile, will show you his guitar. (A sailor will toss a rubber bumper over the side, but that's neither here nor there.) But now the two are coming together as reports indicate that the iconic guitar company is getting into the auto industry.

Spy Shots: First photos of 2012 Volkswagen New Beetle

2012 Volkswagen Beetle spy shots – Click above for high-res image gallery

Volkswagen reportedly taking final orders on New Beetle

2010 Volkswagen New Beetle Final Edition - Click above for high-res image gallery

Report: VW New Beetle successor timeframe and details come into focus

2005 Volkswagen Ragster concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

Report: Next generation Volkswagen Beetle coming next year

3rd verse, same as the first. Not entirely, of course, but when the subject is the Volkswagen New Beetle, the looks of the car are largely a foregone conclusion. Just like the current New Beetle evokes the original Type 1 with its roundy-round fat-fenderedness, the next version, expected to go on sale in May 2011, will continue paying homage to the classic form. The outward differences will be a less-arched roofline that's more like the

New Beetle pickup conversion can haul more flowers

Volkswagen New Beetle Pickup Conversion – Click above for image gallery

Report: Next Volkswagen Beetle to use Jetta platform

Time keeps on slippin' into the future, and cars keep on gettin' bigger. The Volkswagen New Beetle was shown at the LA Auto Show in various Final Edition guises, and the second word on the next edition is that it will be built on the Jet

New details emerge about 2010 VW Beetle

Click above for high-res renderings of a possible New Beetle

VW could spawn multiple new Beetles including up! variant

A decade on from its revival, it has been unclear whether Volkswagen would ever build successor to the New Beetle. After all, how do follow up such an iconic retro shape? It now appears that Volkswagen may not only build a new New Beetle, but also expand the lineup into a mini-brand of its own. The sixth-generation Golf is set to debut in 2009 and its platform could be the basis for the next New Bug around 2010-11. Motor Trend is even speculating that it might be available with a hybrid powertra

Rendered Speculation: 2012 Volkswagen New Beetle, Cabriolet and Speedster

click above image to view high-res gallery of VW New Beetle renderings

What company has the most recalled 2007 models?

BusinessWeek has trolled the NHTSA files to find out which automakers have had to recall their brand new 2007 models the most, and the winner is Volkswagen thanks to a recall of just over 1 milion 2007 New Beetles because of potentially faulty brake light switches. Of course, Ford announced a major recall of 3.6 million vehicles earlier this month for defective cruise control switc