Getting the latest episodes of Top Gear on the revolutionary side of the Atlantic has always been a bit of a misadventure. Some episodes were aired on the Discovery Channel. BBC America ran a few as well. And of course there was the ill-fated NBC project to Americanize the program, much as they did in Australia, which never panned out. But with all these ups and downs, the internet has been the only reliable way of watching the show enjoyed by car nuts world wide.

Now reports indicate, however, that the show will be returning (hopefully on a permanent basis) to BBC America. FinalGear, the online clearing house of all things related to British car shows, reports that Series 13 – the show's previous season – will begin airing on Monday, January 25 at 8 pm. Once 13 has run out, the Beeb's Yankee channel will immediately commence showing the 14th season that's currently on the air back in the Isles. That ought to start on March 15. And to sweeten the deal, each episode will be made available on iTunes for $2 apiece 24 hours after they've been shown on BBC America. So whether your cable box or your iTunes is your chosen purveyor of visual entertainment, you've got your options laid out for you.

[Source: FinalGear]

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