Top Gear's planned takeover of the world hasn't been going as well as scripted, and it's not because the Poles or the French actually put up a fight this time. The American series got axed before it even began, and the Australian version has turned out to be a big disappointment. But the producers at SBS, the Aussie version of the BBC, are keen to turn a new leaf and start over again. They've replaced lead host Charlie Cox with James Morrison, a locally revered musician (no relation to the Doors frontman) who appeared as a guest on the first series. Pictured above with Crocodile Stiggee, Morrison is the proud proprietor of a 100-car collection, and he even has his share of experience in motorsports.

Based on the huge popularity of the British series, the Australian version attracted a television audience of nearly one million viewers for the first episode, but disappointed by what they saw, a quarter of those eyeballs dropped off by the second show. Morrison figures the series needs a more Australian feel to it, sharing the spotlight with his co-hosts Warren Brown and Steve Pizzati instead of grandstanding like a certain Mr. Jeremy C, and generally giving the show its own unique flavor. We wish the new crew better luck this time around, but at least one of us wishes that Eric Bana had been available.

[Source: Herald Sun]

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