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With Porsche getting ready to launch a hybrid version of the Cayenne this spring and a Panamera hybrid coming later, there has been speculation that Porsche would apply the technology to the 911, Boxster and Cayman as well. New CEO Michael Macht told AutoCar that the company had no such plans. The decision is based on the fact that hybrids provide the biggest benefit in urban driving and the company's sports cars tend to be used outside of that environment.

The extra mass of the hybrid hardware would be a detriment in those circumstances. That doesn't mean that Porsche is ignoring improved fuel efficiency in its sporting models. They will get technologies like brake energy regeneration and automatic start-stop. Porsche is continuing to develop an electric version of the 911, but it won't see production until it can match the performance and range of the gas-powered version.

[Source: AutoCar]
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