2008 Nissan Titan – Click above for high-res image gallery

If you want to be a full-line automaker here in the United States, your dealership lots must be stocked with fullsize pickup trucks. Apparently, despite meager sales of its current Titan pickup, Nissan is committed to doing battle on a level playing field with Ford, General Motors, Chrysler and Toyota. That means remaining in the truck business here in our pickup-loving country, which in turn means a replacement for the stagnant Titan is sorely needed.

Unfortunately for the Japanese automaker, Chrysler's bankruptcy proceedings allowed the company to divorce itself from its previous agreement to provide Nissan with a Ram-based truck platform for the next-gen Titan. As such, Nissan spokesman Scott Vazin tells USA Today that the automaker is "pretty much going it alone" on its fullsize truck replacement.

Until that next-gen truck is ready – at the moment, no production date has been announced – Nissan will continue to build the current Titan at its factory in Canton, Mississippi.

[Source: USA Today]

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