New MADD-style group advocates for cell-free motoring

Plenty of our commenters have had something to say about people driving while using their cellphones, and now it looks like the issue has gotten so big it's not being left to legislators to decide where it goes. A group called Focus Driven has been created to increase public awareness of the dangers of driving and using cell phones, and to support the victims of accidents blamed on distracted driving.

The group hasn't announced any legislative goals for the moment – the stated focus being to get the word out about the harm that distracted driving is doing. The group does, however, have a Facebook page with 514 members at the time of writing, and if the following gets big enough – and we can't imagine it won't – it's going to want to do something with that muscle. Coming so closely after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration began its site, it appears we may have our first groundswell issue of the teens.

[Source: Focus Driven via Inside Line]

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