Last month, we got a glimpse inside EEStor's ultracapacitor progress thanks to a leaked audio clip – admittedly, possibly on purpose – of someone interviewing EEStor CEO Dick Weir. At that time, Weir said that the EESU packs would be coming soon and promised demonstrations for 2010. We might not have to wait even that long for some sort of non-PR proof that the ultracaps work. According to All Cars Electric, EEStor has said, "they will prove their technology to the world by the end of September, slightly more than one month from now." We're marking this in our calendars using pencil.

Another bit of news from the audio tape that has since been confirmed is that Polarity Inc. of Rancho Cordova, California, is putting the EESUs (energy storage units) together for ZENN's upcoming EV. Polarity Inc.'s website states:
2009 Awarded contract from EESTOR to integrate Polarity's high power HV to LV converter into EESTOR's EESU that will be used in Zenn Motor Company's small to medium size electric car
[Source: All Cars Electric]

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