The 2011 BMW M5 is having its heart and reflexes tested at der Nürburgring. Thus far, the company has kept a remarkably tight lid on the details of what the buyers can expect from the forthcoming supersedan, but varied and persistent rumors all point to more power, more usability, more economy, and more edge.
The next M5's twin-turbo V8, said to be a tweaked version of the one in the X5M and X6M, could have somewhere between 570 and 600 horses in its corral. Carbon and aluminum will undoubtedly be featured prominently, and a Kinetic Energy Recovery System could also figure into the mix. Maybe it's just us, but it looks like the front end is going to wear some serious wheel arches as part of the visual package, too.

The only obvious, and disappointing, hole in all of the scuttlebutt so far is whether the new M5 will be offered with a manual transmission. We hope BMW knows that there is indeed a wrong answer to that question...

[Source: Carscoop]

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