Travis Pastrana's New Year's Jump Practice - Click above to watch the video after the break

Has your inner stunt driver ever wondered what it would be like to fling a ridiculously overpowered rally car off a ramp and onto a waiting platform some 250 feet away? Don't have enough Red Bull running through your veins to actually attempt such a stunt yourself? Well, we have good news for you.

Travis Pastrana is just the type to try it out in your stead, and the helpful folks from the aforementioned Austrian energy drink company have mounted a camera to the car's bumper during practice so you can see exactly what the scene looks like from behind the wheel. As with the last video, this is just a teaser to whet our appetites before the real jump (over water and onto a barge, no less) takes place on New Year's Day, meaning that the actual landing is left up to your imagination... for now. Click past the break to see it unfold.

[Source: YouTube]

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