Most everyone in the plug-in vehicle movement knows about Paul and Zan Scott. Leaders of Plug In America, they have been tireless advocates for electric drive vehicles (especially for pairing them with solar panels) for years. But yesterday they shared a bit about why they work so tirelessly to push for EVs.
Turns out, electric vehicles are quite literally a life-affirming passion for Paul and Zan. Following a bladder cancer diagnosis and some chemotherapy at the beginning of this decade, Paul decided there was no reason to put off emission-free driving any longer. The day their photovoltaic system was installed, December 21, 2002, they "watched with glee" as they began generating more electricity than they were using, even on the shortest day of the year. It's been great times ever since – except for the whole crushing of the first-generation EVs thing.

The Scott's have invited AutoblogGreen into their home, and we have to disclose a personal connection to these two. But after reading their story about how solar power and electric vehicles were part of Paul's bucket list, we think most everyone can relate to their story.

[Source: EVs and Energy]

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