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AutoWeek has decided to let the cat get just a little bit further out of the bag this morning following last night's first bit of embargo breakage regarding the 2011 Ford Mustang GT and its 5.0-liter V8 engine. So, by now you've heard that the new powerplant puts out 412 ponies, or 83 horsepower-per-liter. Now, AW wants you to know it also offers up 390 pound-feet of torque and that peak power comes at a screaming 6,500 RPM.

The new powertrain combination will also return 25 miles per gallon, says AW. How does it manage this feat? With an aluminum engine block with cast cylinder sleeves and brand-new heads with four valves per cylinder, vertical intake ports and twin independent variable valve timing. Don't forget the tuned exhaust headers, a forged steel crankshaft with four-bolt main bearings plus new pistons and connecting rods.

And what about the transmission? Your choice of either the 6R80 automatic transmission or the MT82 six-speed manual. We now return you to your regularly-scheduled programming... until the next bit of embargo breakage, of course.

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[Source: AutoWeek]

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