There are many ways to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, and not all of them require a radical change to the type of vehicle you choose to drive. For instance, taking your foot off the gas pedal and slowing down a bit can have a real effect on your fuel bill, and the UK government is keen to see this strategy gain acceptance.

At present, city councils are only allowed to place 20 mph speed limits on a single road unless they are willing to install "traffic calming measures" such as speed bumps or chicanes, but that may soon change. The first trial run of blanket 20 mph speed limits was successfully demonstrated in Portsmouth, UK, and now the government is considering expansion of the strategy.

Besides saving a few gallons of fuel, these limits are being touted as a safety measure that can also encourage cycling and walking. Naturally, the government is also proposing a new series of speed cameras to enforce the low speed limit, meaning it could also be a way to generate some added revenue.

[Source: Autocar | Image: aldrin_muya - C.C. 2.0]

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